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We transform the event experience for attendees and the event organizer.

Our EventMobile™ App makes it easy for your attendees to engage .... with you, each other and your event. Your attendees will communicate, network, interact, get educated, give feedback and so much more, all in one user-friendly, powerful event app! Got multiple events? No problem. Add them on with Multi EventMobile™ .

Trusted by Hundreds of Organizations ....

Your Event App Should Make You Look Good.

Here's how EventMobile™ makes you shine.



We know that if an event app isn't easy, it's not used.



You can reach who you want, when you want, to deliver a personalized user experience.



Deliver a targeted message to attendees based on interest, job title and more.



Various sponsorship options turn your event app into a profit center.



Your users have questions. Our built-in "Help Desk" has the answers.



We integrate with most major AMS and other systems.

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Key Features

There's a lot of powerful stuff in EventMobile™.

Targeted Messaging

Reach audience segments instantly with targeted push notifications.

Revenue Generation

Rotating banner ads on every screen plus other built-in sponsorship features.

Personalization Tools

Show/hide different features to different users based on interest or group type.


Make it easy for your attendees to network via our Activity Feed, Photo Gallery and more.

Session Specific Interaction

Attendees can interact at each session for valuable engagement.


Motivate and reward attendees to take the actions you want.


Enable users to maximize their time and schedule personal appointments.

Surveys & Polling

Get valuable feedback from your attendees.

Session Tracking

You know they’ve registered. But are they really there?

Lead Retrieval

Enable easy lead capture for all your exhibitors.

Deep Dive Analytics

A slew of Reporting Tools for in-depth analysis.

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We have account managers dedicated to your app, plus built-in 24/7 support.

Got Multiple Events?

Multi EventMobile™ is perfect for 2 to 200 events!

With Multi EventMobile™ you have one app to download, one app that works for literally dozens of events, and one app with all the full featured horsepower included in our EventMobile™ apps described above.

Want to go beyond events?

Take a peek at our Mobile 365™ platform.

Discover the power of one-user friendly mobile app that covers all your needs all year long.

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Deep Dive Analytics

We have a slew of metrics and reporting tools for easy decision-making on the fly. And with powerful real-time data you can easily shift course. It’s easier than ever to make the
right calls.

  • ipad-white

    Get an overview of your app’s usage with elegant graphs and click-through options to highly detailed & configurable reporting.

    • View total users & average clicks per user
    • View the App’s overall usage rate
    • View top download days, platform and group
    • See clicks by module with click-through to detailed reporting and trends
    • Add or remove widgets as needed
    • Easily share a link to your report

  • ipad-white

    View the usage of each module and drill down to features within the module to see where specific clicks were. 

    • See clicks for each session’s handouts surveys, polling questions and more
    • View and export people who added a particular session to their MySchedule
    • Apply a date range to see clicks within a certain period of time
    • Filter sessions based on group

  • ipad-white

    View both a Combined Rating Report and Detailed Report for your speaker surveys.

    • Use the Combined Rating Report for a high level overview of how attendees rated your session’s speakers
    • Use the Detailed Report to drill down and view specific responses for each question by speaker name
    • Filter both reports by date range to see responses during specific time frames

  • ipad-white

    Compare the usage of your app’s various modules over time, expanding or narrowing your view as much as you like.

    • View data usage within specific date range
    • See the trends for a specific event or overall
    • Customize modules included in the report
    • Filter the report by group

  • ipad-white

    View all of your Sponsor and Revenue reporting in one place and easily share with specific sponsors.

    • View total impressions and click through
    • Filter by date range to see impact over different time periods
    • Easily see one company’s impressions vs. click through rates
    • Filter by sponsorship type

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