Combine Mobile Apps And Print For The Ultimate Integrated Approach

The Ultimate Integrated Approach

The shift from paper to mobile technology is on and TripBuilder Media’s Integrated Solutions is geared up for the road ahead. Transitioning from dull, cumbersome brochures to association apps, conference apps or apps for events shouldn’t be difficult. Plus, we believe print should be exciting and unique. So we’ve combined our custom, pocket sized Foldables with our user-friendly, full featured EventMobile Apps to guarantee all users at your events are seeing your message.

Clients of all sorts are taking their conferences, meetings and events to the next level with an integrated approach. While we see a movement to mobile technology and a spike in mobile apps, we’re still seeing high demand for print. Integrating between mobile and print is the perfect solution for attendees who are new to the ” mobile world” or still prefer the ” old school” way of viewing materials.

Our TripBuilder Media team knows the importance of engaging your audience and promoting your message, and our Integrated Solutions does exactly that. Not only can attendees easily view the schedule, sponsors and floor plans via their mobile device, they can also view it right on their printed conference guide. So let us ” wow” the audience at your next conference with TripBuilder Integrated Solutions.


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