TripBuilder Media Clamshell Adds A "Pop" To Every Event

Move over dull, cumbersome brochures, here come the TripBuilder Media Clamshells. Keep your audience interested before, during and after the event by using an origami-style piece that fold out and really ” pop” at you, and easily fold back down to fit right in your pocket. Promoting a concert, event or product has never been more fun. Place the venue, floor plan, or campus map on the Clamshell and it ” jumps” out as soon as you open it. Too much information is never an issue with the TripBuilder Clamshell with Booklet. Shrinking the details is as easy as ever with the Clamshell with Booklet; choose between various page increments and let our Clamshell do the rest. Need a place to safely store your student ID, license or credit card? Adding a plastic card pouch is perfect for storing those items.

Whether it’s an all-day event, festival, concert or promotional giveaway, the Clamshell is the perfect way to deliver your message in a creative, yet impactful way. We’ve encountered many tough scenarios presented by clients to accomplish their goals, and the TripBuilder Media Clamshell continues to deliver and impress. Recently we were presented with the challenge to provide a campus map, schedule and important contact info in a ” unique” way so students won’t get bored with a typical brochure and toss it in the trash. The solution was a Clamshell with Single-Gate Fold. The client was easily able to fit all their artwork on the Clamshell, creating a cool and sleek design students won’t forget.

Sometimes one Clamshell isn’t enough. Double the ” pop” with two Clamshells. When opened, both sides turn into clamshells and display your information. Landscape or portrait, the clamshell can be easily tailored to your needs. We also thrive on constantly improving our products and being creative. If there’s a similar idea you’re looking to pursue, share your thoughts with us so we can collaborate and create the perfect piece.

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