TripBuilder Media Inc. Keeps Your Members Connected With The TripBuilder 365 App – A Year Round App For Your Organization

TripBuilder Media Inc. is known for their full featured mobile event apps and conference apps but what about a mobile app that works year round and includes up to date information for your organization’s members? TripBuilder Media’s newly introduced TripBuilder 365 app does just that. TripBuilder 365 is a year round mobile app for your organization that contains all the information your members want to see. Some of these features include: a membership directory, publications, event information, and more! TripBuilder 365 is extremely customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

Organization members have the ability to view and chat with other members directly within the mobile app through the community icon. Browse through a listing of members and choose who you would like to talk to. The messages send like an instant message and an alert appears on the MyMessages icon on the app’s home screen so you’ll know when someone has sent you a message. With this feature there’s no issue of more contacts being added to your phone book or emails getting lost in your large inbox. Keep everything right there contained in the app so you know where it is at all times with zero searching involved. In addition to being able to connect with other members users can also view a directory of companies/vendors in which each company’s detail page contains their contact information so users can connect with who they want to, when they want to.

Not only does TripBuilder 365 keep users in contact with others it also keeps them up to date with relevant news and information about their future events. By clicking on the Calendar icon the user can view the meetings and conferences planned for the current year and the years to come all in one, convenient list containing their dates, locations, and venues.

Throughout the TripBuilder 365 mobile app your organization’s members will love the host of information all at their fingertips ““viewing the organization’s publications, relevant news articles, and press releases, along with TripBuilder’s Award Winning City Content of great places to eat and visit in the city of the organization’s choice. Users can add information to their personal lists such as fellow members to their MyContacts list, TripBuilder’s recommendations of restaurants and sites to their MyCity list, and any notes they want to take and keep to their MyNotes list. Like with any TripBuilder mobile app, the main goal is to create a great experience for the user. Whether it be at a onetime event, or year round.

To learn more about TripBuilder 365 visit TripBuilder Media’s website or contact TripBuilder Media directly at or 800-525-9745.

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