Personal Appointments: Connect Case Study

Connect came to TripBuilder Media with a need for a mobile app for multiple events throughout the year. One of the main aspects of their events are personalized meetings between meeting planners & vendors. When it came time to plan out what features would be included in the Connect multi-event app, it was a no brainer that the personalized meetings would need to be there.

TripBuilder Media worked with Connect to setup a bridge between their databases so we could pull that information into our system. Once in our system the personalized appointments stayed linked with their “owners” and when the user signed into the app (with their specific username) they could view all of the appointments they had made for themselves.

This was a win-win situation for everyone involved; Connect provided an increased level of convenience to their attendees & saved on printer costs, while attendees loved the ability to view their schedules right in the palm of their hand. As an added bonus, attendees could also take notes directly within the app for the individual appointments.

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