Handouts: GPI Case Study

Our Handouts feature benefits the event organizer, speakers and attendees. It allows the event organizer to upload pdfs and powerpoint presentations within the event app for attendees to access in advance, or during, relevant sessions. Speakers can log into our CMS system and upload their own handouts, eliminating the burden on the event organizer. And attendees can not only access the handouts, but they can also export and email themselves copies. Overall, in-app handouts are a great way to green your event.

But that’s not all. Event organizers can make handouts selectively available via special logins and passwords. GPI uploaded handouts for its Board of Directors Meeting. But they used a special login so only people in a particular session could access the handouts, thus keeping them secure. In addition, GPI uploaded a pdf of the agenda for every session, using it as a great way to give their attendees an advance peek at what was going to be discussed.

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