Five Reasons Why Your Event City Matters

Event destination matters to attendance. 84% of respondents to a 2015 study done by PCMA on event attendance said that the destination factors into attendance decision. In deciding on whether to attend an event, millennials (who are now the largest group of event attendees) care most about the variety of “Things to See and Do” at an event, ranking that above “Cleanliness”, “Safety” and “Transportation Options” of a destination city*. And, 84% of attendees decide to attend an event approximately three months prior to an event.* So providing positive event city info well ahead of your event can sway attendance. Takeaway: If you educate attendees on the depth and breadth of sightseeing and dining options in your event city well BEFORE the event even takes place, this will be a motivating factor in getting them to attend.

1-According to the 2015 “The Decision to Attend Conventions” study commissioned by IAEE, PCMA and The Experience Institute, three quarters of all attendees will get out and about when going to a meeting, and over 85% of millennials will explore the city. * Seventy percent of prospective attendees will search local websites in advance to see what the destination offers.* Takeaway: If you show your attendees what they can do, they’ll be happier with your choice of event location, and will attend your event

2-If an attendee has a positive event experience, he or she is likely to return. Makes sense that if attendees like the destination they’ll come back. But a key stat is that if the destination experience is positive, over 75% of attendees are likely to return to a meeting, even if it is in a different place.* Takeaway: Offer well-vetted choices of things to see and do that result in happy times. So pointing out great restaurants is a no-brainer. Positive experiences translate to repeat business.

3-If a convention was a positive experience, over 85% of attendees are likely to recommend that meeting to others.* And not only will they recommend it, they’ll talk about it, a lot. In person. Via e-mail. On Facebook. Through Twitter, and other forms of social media. Nine in ten attendees will tell others about positive event experiences.* Takeaway: Happy attendees will spread lots of goodwill.

4-If many of the current and future event attendees are millennials, what do you need to do to attract them to your event? Food and drink definitely matter to this group, particularly where it comes from and how it’s made. They’re not interested in touristy places or chain restaurants, but local eateries, where the food connects with the surroundings, and they connect with the community. So information on the best local restaurants, where they can feel like a native, is of huge interest to them. Takeaway: Give your audience information on the best places to eat like a local so they feel invested in your event city.

5-Great places to eat and visit are key factors in boosting event attendance, and affect repeat event attendance. So we include our award winning content on where to eat and visit, developed over decades, and curated so you travel like a local. Your audience will be raving about that tucked-away Italian bistro we recommended, or the jewel of a museum that astounds even the most jaded of travelers. And, when they’re raving about their experience, they’re really raving about you, and your event!

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