Event City Content: CFA Case Study

After using our EventMobile™app for its annual conference, The Commercial Finance Association (CFA) wanted to expand upon the success of their annual convention app for their smaller regional conferences. They wanted a solution that would be cost effective and easy to implement for multiple events. TripBuilder Media’s Multi EventMobile app fit the bill perfectly.

But their desires went beyond a mere multi event app. They also wanted something that would help promote their various event destinations (London, Las Vegas, Miami), and encourage attendee interaction and conversation. They wanted their attendees to not just “attend the event, they wanted them to experience it.”

Our City Content, included in all our apps, was a perfect solution to that – providing attendees with the best places to eat and visit, and the ability to personalize an itinerary, within those various event cities. So attendees would be talking not only about the event, but about the great restaurants and places they visited, and blogging and tweeting about that long after the event was over.

Our Personalized Itinerary Builder, included within the event app, allows attendees to create a personalized itinerary to visit their chosen restaurants and sights from the included destination content. Attendees select from items offered, and then be presented with personalized itinerary and mapping to easily help them navigate the event city. This drove CFA’s objective of promoting their event destinations as experiences in themselves. CFA got the result it was looking for – of having their attendees not just go to the event, but “experience the event destination” as well. The restaurant information included in the CFA TripBuilder Multi EventMobile app were hidden gems and places natives know about. So attendees felt they had truly “experienced the best of the city from a locals perspective” when visiting any of the selected eateries. In addition, in-depth venue information with write-ups that included “Information you won’t find in most guidebooks” enabled attendees to sightsee like locals.

The overall experience resulted in attendee engagement on social media, with lots of event and post-event conversation about the event cities and the sights and restaurants within those cities.

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