Check-ins: NIGP Case Study

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) utilized our Check-ins feature to track attendance at different sessions throughout their event. Each session was assigned its own QR code which was posted at the session. As NIGP’s attendees arrived at the session, the attendees would scan the QR code with the scanner built into the event app. This allowed NIGP to record the exact date and time that an attendee checked into a particular session. And NIGP simply downloaded the data from the CMS. The Check-ins also helped track attendance so the attendee could earn CE credits.

NIGP found the Check-ins valuable for marketing purposes because it helped them determine whether a session was popular or not, and whether to repeat it in future conferences. The Check-ins also eliminated the need for NIGP to have an on-site employee scanning badges as people arrived, and eliminated waiting time to get into sessions.

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