Boost In-App Audience Response

Step 1.

Anonymous surveys (for both the overall event and individual sessions) are one way to make attendees’ voices heard. Attendees can answer questions anonymously so they can share their opinions about anything. As the event organizer, you can choose to set up descriptive questions and objective questions for the overall event, individual sessions, and specific speakers. With anonymity, attendees are more apt to share their honest feedback which in turn helps you plan for future meetings – from what type of lunch food to offer to what type of speakers should be at the sessions. And through a user-friendly content management system, the organizer can easily download reports with their survey responses during and after their event.

Step 2

In-app audience response takes attendee interaction one step further. A Polling feature, linked to the sessions of your choice. enables attendees in the audience to interact with the speakers by answering questions and seeing how their response fit with their fellow attendees as the answers are displayed as bar graphs. Speakers can also choose to display the results on a screen to broadcast them for everyone to see.

Step 3

As the event organizer, you want to foster communication between your audience and your Speakers. But what’s the best way to do that? An “Ask Speaker” feature gets your speakers connecting with attendees. Accessed through the detail screen for each session on the Schedule, the Ask Speaker feature allows the event organizer to upload an email address that the “Ask” icon links to. Attendees can then construct emails to the speaker of that session with questions they have and the emails get sent to that address. If a speaker is presenting at multiple sessions, each e-mail’s subject line is pre-populated with the session’s name so they know where it’s coming from. This gets the dialogue going, enabling a speaker to know what’s on an attendees’ mind, and what’s important to them. Attendees can email before, during or even after a session. The metrics gained are invaluable for speakers to know what captures an attendees attention, and what doesn’t.

Step 4

An Activity Feed gets attendees active and involved before, during, and after their time at the event. Whether it is finding out who is attending the opening reception or planning to meet for breakfast before attending a session, attendees can interact with one another by posting questions, comments, photos, and more. All posts appear and update on the one Activity Feed so there is no searching in other areas of the event app to see what people are saying. Like what someone had to say? Attendees can give each other a “thumbs up” and post comments to that specific thread to keep the interaction going.

Step 5

A picture is worth a thousand words. After you have put in all the effort and hours to develop your mobile event app, you want to see the fruits of your labor. You want to easily view your stats. You want to easily see how many people downloaded the app, along with what people were doing while in your app. You want to be able to easily report back to your sponsors. And you don’t want to spend time number crunching. Our Graphical Report Dashboard presents your analytics in a visually appealing, easy to read way so you can figure out all your important stats in an instant. Color coded pie charts, organized lists, and labeled tables make it easy for you to discover all your analytics in seconds. Quickly find out your download numbers, what features people were most interested in, which of your banner ads caught your attendees’ attention the most … and so much more. All this information is hosted on its own link so you can easily share it with your stakeholders and sponsors. With just a glance everyone involved can see what worked best and what didn’t, without parsing through tons of words, tons of numbers and tons of confusion.

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