Advocacy: The League of California Cities Case Study

The League of California Cities (CA Cities) discovered that our Mobile 365™ App is a powerful association membership tool that encourages members to take action, immediately and easily. The League of California Cities was facing several hot button issues they wanted to make members aware of and get them to act on, including new Cap-and-Trade, Medical Marijuana and Massage Regulations. By making our advocacy features available to members (and attendees of their events), CA Cities saw a significant increase in membership action on the above issues, specifically increased legislator contact and increased membership discussion. CA Cities also received valuable analytics on what issues were garnering the most member attention, and what legislators were most important to their end goals (through included reporting tools).

Most valuable of all, CA Cities sent out text messages and emails to members in real time, so members were proactive and took action immediately. The hot button issues that cropped up were dealt with effectively, and instantly, through increased membership action.


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