Activity Feed: KOA Case Study

Think of the Activity Feed as the event app equivalent of the Energizer Bunny. Rev it up and watch it create fun and excitement. Attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and the event organizer engage with each other by posting comments and photos, liking or commenting fellow attendees’ posts, and fueling a conversation. It’s the perfect tool to build excitement before, during and after an event.

Here’s how Kampgrounds of America (KOA) used the Activity Feed to great success.

Prior to its event, KOA sent out in-app alerts and an email blast that promoted the TripBuilder Media EventMobile™ app and focused on the existence of the Activity Feed as a way of building buzz. KOA then posted photos of last year’s event within the Activity Feed to get people thinking about this year’s event. That started the ball rolling, and attendees started posting comments about the upcoming event, trading back and forth with each other about what to expect. The “event conversation” had begun … and kept on going … and going.

When the event started, the Activity Feed energized the offsite and onsite activities. Attendees posted photos and comments while at KOA’s special off-site activities (like a Charleston plantation tour), showing the fun people were having on the tour, and building energy around these events. The initial posts led to more postings, creating a steamroll effect that produced an overall heightened buzz and conversation.

The Activity Feed also energized the on-site activities as attendees posted photos from different sessions, posted photos of speakers and commented on sessions. Attendees also sought out the giant event mascots for photo ops (huge toasted marshmallows!), posting those photos, fueling one gigantic fun conversation as fellow attendees commented on the “marshmallow” pics.

The Activity Feed kept going and going and going, allowing KOA to showcase all its events, make attendees aware of them, and create a larger opportunity to connect.

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