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An all-encompassing mobile app to engage & communicate with your members 365 days a year.

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Engage At Your Events & Beyond!

Engaging at your events is great. But what if you could extend that engagement to every day of the year! That’s what our Mobile 365™ platform is all about. It combines your events and all your other needs in one user-friendly mobile app, providing sustained and continuous member engagement 365 days a year. Whether it’s to help your members connect with each other, engage on hot topics, get committee work done, generate revenue, or communicate more effectively than email allows, Mobile 365™ has you covered. It's the best app for your association because it's a perfect member engagement tool.

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Why You'll Love Mobile 365™


All Encompassing

Mobile 365™ combines your events with ALL your other needs in one user-friendly app for your association or organization.


Every Day

With Mobile 365™ the engagement is continuous and doesn't end when your event does.



Mobile 365™ delivers a targeted, personalized mobile experience to each user based on their type and interests.



You select only the modules you need. And add more modules later as your needs grow.



Mobile 365™ offers year-round revenue opportunities.



Mobile 365 is about you, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Mobile 365™ is tailored to you

Mobile 365™ is modular. You choose the modules you want to create a solution perfectly suited for your audience and needs. And you can easily add on later. Want to combine your Events with your Membership Directory? No problem. Want to get your Committee members communicating better? Just add on the Committees module.

Select The Modules You Want

Mobile 365 is simple, flexible and expandable.

Event Apps

Include built-in Event Apps with full featured horsepower for all of your significant events.

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Targeted Messaging

Communicate far better than email allows with targeted push notifications all year long.

Year-Round Revenue

12 months of sponsorship inventory translates into lots of revenue.

Events Calendar

List all your events, big and small (webinars, training sessions, etc.); users can register, create a personal calendar & more.


Member matchmaking makes it easy to find other members of interest; save those members to a MyMembers list, and then easily engage with those members.

Hot Topics/Advocacy

Enable a two-way discussion on the topics that matter most to your users. Provide a platform for discussions, and also give your members advocacy tools and info for them to advocate on your behalf.


Give voice to your various chapters and other groups. Enable topical discussions so chapter-related info stays within the intended chapter.


Make it easy for committee members to discuss topics, access talking points, engage in a conversation, ask a private question and vote up or down.


Ensure the newsletters and publications that you work so hard on actually make it to your audience. Archive past issues for easy access.


A fun, ongoing way to connect with your audience via quiz, scavenger hunt, or trivia game. Ideal for sponsorships.


Bring your sponsors to the forefront with detailed info on all your supporters.

Deep Dive Analytics

Detailed reporting gives you insight into how users engage with you, enabling data driven decision-making with proven results.

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Deep Dive Analytics

We have a slew of metrics and reporting tools for easy decision-making on the fly. And with powerful real-time data you can easily shift course. It’s easier than ever to make the
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