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We believe that great city experiences translate into happy event memories. That's why we include our insider’s guide on great places to eat and visit. Because when your audience is raving about that tucked-away Italian bistro we recommended, or the jewel of a museum that astounds even the most jaded of travelers, they’re also going to be raving about you …and your event.

Pick your restaurants.

We uncover true gems where your attendees will eat and drink like a local.

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We strive to uncover the tucked-away museums, hidden treasures and more. Places even the most jaded travelers don't know about.

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We include the spots we love to eat and visit. And our opinion has street cred. It's independent and unbiased (your can't buy your way in!), and it stems from our roots as a travel guide company. We're proud to say that many major media outlets have raved about our info from "Travel & Leisure" to "The New York Times".

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You’ve read our details, and selected what you want to create your personal game plan (we call it a MyCity List). Now all that’s left is to enjoy it.

We'll even help you find your chosen spots.

Your personalized Itinerary awaits. Could enjoying your event be any easier ... and better?

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