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TripBuilder EventMobile Apps

WESTPORT, CT ““ September 16, 2013. With so many companies in need of a conference app, tradeshow app or event app, TripBuilder Media EventMobile provides a solution for everyone. It’s hard staying connected and up to date with the latest news and info, that’s why organizations are turning to TripBuilder Media EventMobile.

A mobile event app is supposed to keep you informed with the most recent info. Well, we took it one step further. Attendees should enjoy what’s available to them via our event mobile app, but they also want to connect with others at the event all from within the app. With our In-App Messaging feature, you no longer need to resort back to your email account. It allows users to message each other without ever leaving the app. Additionally, TripBuilder Media EventMobile apps also offer a basic emailing functionality.

So whether you’re looking for apps for tradeshows, a conference, event, or something completely customized, let us keep you connected. We’re not saying we have the best conference app…but others are.

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