TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 Offers Year Round Sponsorship Opportunities

TripBuilder 365 Year Round Sponsorship Opportunitites

The event and promotional product industry has come to know and love TripBuilder Media EventMobile Apps and TripBuilder Folding Media products and with that we have recently introduced the newest member of our product family ““ TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 Apps. TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 is a fully customizable mobile app that can be used as a year round app for your association or organization and additionally can also be used for other avenues that have ever changing information and updates, such as colleges.

TripBuilder Media Inc. is known for our customer service and user friendly mobile event apps and TripBuilder 365 is no exception. Clients will get support throughout the entire process of building their mobile app and also the time that their app is live and on the market so there will never be unanswered questions or concerns. The process of deciding what features go into your TripBuilder 365 app is painless too. Being that these apps are 100% customizable if there is a feature you want, we can most likely include it. TripBuilder Media does have features that we offer and recommend as a starting point with some of those features being: about (a section with information about your association), membership (which can list your organization members, or even link to your website), newsletters (updated news about your group), and also conferences. The conference section of this 365 app can link through to 1 or multiple conferences of your organization and from that link in the app it will ultimately link to a full featured TripBuilder Media EventMobile or TripBuilder Media MultiEvent Mobile conference app. All within your TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 app! This means only one Apple approval process, one app for your members to download and have on their device, and one app with all the information they need.

The TripBuilder 365 mobile app may be great because it contains all your important information in one convenient place, but what makes it even better is that it has year round sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors love the ability to have rotating banner ads and landing pages in our TripBuilder Media EventMobile Apps and now they can showcase that information 365 days a year, way more than the average 3 or 4 day show. Our TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 apps offer year round sponsorship opportunities in the sense that users will be accessing this mobile app throughout the year and seeing their banner ads or information every time they open it. With the ability to add and remove banner ads via our content management system, the association organizer who handles the mobile app can go in and update and or replace banner ads throughout the year.

TripBuilder Media Mobile 365 Apps are user-friendly from all angles, easy for the app user, and easy for the app organizer. Keep your members in the know and stay connected with your fellow members from all over the country, or even the world. TripBuilder Media has brought people together with our mobile event apps but now let us bring you together for more than just a few days at an event, more like for 365 days a year.

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