TripBuilder Media Inc. Simplifies All Your Events Into One With The TripBuilder Multi-Event App

TripBuilder Multi-Event App

With all the mobile apps available today we understand the need to reduce clutter on your device. Providing a single mobile event app to cover your conferences, annual meetings and various events throughout the year was our goal with the TripBuilder Multi-Event App. As the demand for TripBuilder EventMobile ® increased with organizations rolling out multiple events each year, we sought out a simple way to allow event organizers the ability to keep all their events contained within one mobile app.

TripBuilder Multi-Event App is the perfect way to keep all attendees up to date during the year. Similar to our EventMobile ® app, the TripBuilder Multi-Event App contains the same functionality while enabling attendees to view one, two or a hundred events all within one listing page. Users access the main listing of events and have the option of clicking through to each individual event. What’s more is the event organizer can preset alerts for both the main listing page and also the individual events. Not ready to launch your next event yet? No problem. With the TripBuilder Multi-Event app the event organizer can select when the events should be available for viewing.

Our TripBuilder Multi-Event App and EventMobile ® conference apps provide innovative solutions for event organizers to maximize the overall attendee experience and increase sponsorship revenue. Attendees can interact with other attendees via MyMessaging, build their ” MySchedule” list by selecting events on the Schedule, take notes via ” MyNotes” and also view our award-winning destination content. In addition, our Overall Survey and Session Surveys let event organizers gauge their audience’s comments and feedback. Sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the app which means a lot of exposure for your sponsor; one of those being the ability to feature your sponsors on rotating banner ads on every page, by which users can click through to a landing page and URL. As the event organizer you can also send out sponsored alerts at your convenience via our easy-to-use CMS. The TripBuilder Multi-Event app is the perfect way to capitalize on sponsorship opportunities.

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